At the moment my career path does not line up with web design. I am currently pursuing computer programming with the possibility of getting into database design. With that being said, I still have goals that are web related. 

  • Learn different web programming languages

  • Lean more about designing websites

  • Explore different open-source CMS



My inspiration for wanting to get into the tech field would be from my dad. He has always been involved with technology of some kind, and growing up around that aided my knowledge and passion for wanting to pursue programming.

I would say my inspiration for wanting to know more about web design and development just stems from where our society is at now. There is almost nothing you can do anymore that you can’t do online. With the world heading more and more towards convenience, the web aspect of everything will only increase.

Favorite Designer

With not knowing a lot about the core of web design, I don’t particularly have a studio, style or designer that is my favorite. Despite that, I have still looked up several designers to get an idea of what things are like. If I had to pick a favorite out of the ones that I found I would choose Mike Kus. Mike’s work is extreamly similar to the style of art that I like.

This is a sample of his work that he has on his website. There’s something about the simplicity of it that I find very satisfying. Below are three links to designers who’s work or style I relate to most.

Alex Trochut –